Does She Know?

Does she know
That the hands she holds possessively
Were once wrapped tightly around this throat
Tangled in ebony waves
Grasping bed sheets
While that mouth she kisses tenderly
Set flame to brown flesh
Whispered exclamations of need into sensitive ears and
Pleaded for all I could give?

Does she know
That your body does not belong only to her
That I detonated the desire in your core before she even knew your name?

Does she know
That these lips had you spent and gasping my name
Only to be devoured by you
With your taste still upon my tongue?

Does she know
You like the way you taste on my lips
On my skin?

Does she hope
To eradicate every thought of me
Every memory
Every touch
and gasp?

Does she hope
To be enough to make you forget me
To take my place?

She may have usurped my throne temporarily
But, baby, you can’t forget me
And pretending won’t remove my crown. 

Prince Charming Was A Lie

Once upon a time
I loved you more than any girl
Should love any boy

And I thought
Fairy tales were real
Prince Charming was a boy
With stretched ears and ink embedded in his skin

But Snow White woke up
Cinderella’s ball ended
The evil in the shadows found a home in my soul
The wicked witch
The evil stepmother
Were the lies I told myself

Prince Charming was a lie
A lie you told to steal my heart
And keep it to yourself

Prince Charming was a lie
And I wear it on my skin
Etched into my flesh for all to see
Prince Charming was a lie

All of Me

I see your disbelief when I say
All of me
Loves all of you
And all of me
May love all of you
But all of me
Isn’t worth a damn

My heads underwater
I’m drowning
But I can’t give in
You’re crazy and I’m crazy
I’m losing my mind

I’d give you my all
If I only just knew how
Because all of me
May love all of you
But all of me
Isn’t worth a damn


15 Ways to Know You Love Someone You Have No Right To

1. You are married to someone else.
2. You’re not even sure what love is.
3. You picture his face every time you close your eyes and the ice around your heart melts a little more each time.
4. You hear his voice in your sleep. You have memorized his laugh, his smile, the smell of his cologne. You can read between the hollow look in his eyes and that empty laugh to see the secrets he is hiding.
5. You can’t breathe when he stares into your soul because you feel so brand new beneath his gaze that you die a little when he looks away.
6. Your brain forgets what words are the moment he presses his lips to yours.
7. You lack the guilt you expected to feel after letting his eyes, his mouth, his hands roam your body.
8. He can’t even love himself but
9. No one can love without first being given love.
10. You can feel the bottom of your stomach drop down to touch your toes every time you relive the mistake you have made of him.
11. Your favorite sound is the whisper of his lips over the syllables of your name.
12. You are not afraid of the scars and red welts your misery has carved into your skin as long as he is around.
13. You are married to someone else.
14. You are married to someone else.
15. He will never love you back.

Losing Myself

Losing myself
in you
Reminds me
that I can feel brand new
Because when you kiss me
My brain forgets what words are
And my body is an earthquake beneath your hands

Losing myself
in you
Reminds me
that someone can get lost in me
Because my name sounds like a secret on your lips
And the sun lives in your skin
And my lips create the sighs that float between us

Losing myself
in you
Reminds me