You’ve Been On My Mind

You’ve been on my mind
One word
One song
Your name
My skin still remembers the imprint of your fingertips
The heat of your lips
I still remember your smile
And that it was only for me
These days I’m drowning my sorrows
But I can’t drown the sin of you
These days I’m craving pain and heartache
But no one hurts me like you
You’ve been on my mind
But you’ve got whiskey in your lungs
And a devil in your bed
You’ve got faded memories of me
Broken promises
And empty hearted smiles
You’ve got a house full of relics
And plenty of reasons to forget
But please don’t forget me
I’d be better off dead


I See You There

Pretty boy
You took up residence in my heart
With your stormy eyes
And your inky soul
I came apart in your arms
Every single time
You unraveled beneath my lips
And I wrapped myself in you

Pretty boy
I see you there

But didn’t you see me falling?
And didn’t you see me drifting away?
I tried to take your hand
Tried to reach for you
But the darkness in you
Refused me
I see you there
But you never saw me