The Corner of My Smile

I hide my secrets in the corner of my smile
Where no one thinks to look.
Hidden in the curves of a subtle smirk,
Perched prominently on my face
And still no one thinks to look.

And in the corner of my eyes
I hide my feelings for you.
Crystalline and sharp edged,
My eyes run red when they escape
To the corners of my mouth.

Sometimes I find the red trails they have etched into my skin
And sometimes I clutch my chest in agony,
For I can see the scars they have worn into my heart,
Seeking a way in.
Seeking a way out.

When they escape,
They whisper in my ear.
They whisper
And they remind me
That I want to kiss my secrets onto your collar bone.
Whisper them into the hollow of your throat,
And trace them onto your lips
With fingers dipped in heat.
I want to scratch them into your back
And scream them into the empty spaces between our bodies.

Then I’ll listen for your secrets
Clinging to the edges of your laughter,
Swimming through your veins,
And embedded in the looks between us.
I will listen for them
And I will keep them safe.
I’ll lay awake at night
And listen to their whispers
Before adding them to the corner of my smile.